This website is dedicated exclusively to providing and collecting information about the cleaning kits used by the Germans in the Second World War from the point of view of a simple collector.

This blog has no sympathy or support to the Nazi regime that devastated Europe on the 40's. Also personally, when I see one of these kits manufactured on the war years, I think of the possibility that maybe it was made by a foreign forced worker under harsh conditions - more information about forced labor in Germany during WWII on the Links of interest page -.

Saturday, 19 March 2022


The book project (IV)

 Well, after two years of a pandemic in the world, we continue to make some progress on this project, albeit very slowly. In recent months I have gained some new information (some hints for the possible identification of the "rbl" code, about subcontractors, etc.), although most of the main gaps in this research remain unclear. For several years no new chapter has been added to this website and I apologize for it, but I must focus all my efforts on this project. Thanks to those of you who have written me with some new and interesting information.
 Again, any help or new information will be

 Last but not least, I have to say right now how worried I am about the war in Ukraine and I can't stop asking for this horror to stop. I know that this website, as I indicate in the header of my blog, must be unrelated to any topic that has nothing to do with the history and development of the Rg 34, but as an European citizen it is my obligation to express here my solidarity with the Ukrainian people. - Also if you wish to help, check out the last link  (Ian McCollum's post) I put on the Links of Interest page -.

  Thank you to all for reading me,