This website is dedicated exclusively to providing and collecting information about the cleaning kits used by the Germans in the Second World War from the point of view of a simple collector.

This blog has no sympathy or support to the Nazi regime that devastated Europe on the 40's. Also personally, when I see one of these kits manufactured on the war years, I think of the possibility that maybe it was made by a foreign forced worker under harsh conditions.


  The Reinigungsgdocht or cleaning wick were made from artificial cotton and waste cotton. Every Reinigungsdocht had 18 wicks assembled in two bands of 9, stitched in the middle, and their length with the twisted wicks was approximately of 16 cm, or 20 cm extended. It appears that the very early - perhaps from 1934/35- had 20 wicks.

A picture from the german manual H.Dv.256 of 1936 showing the use of the Reinigungsdoch.

An unused Reinigungsdocht. Probably from pre- or early war manufacture.
The two groups of nine wicks stitched in the middle. Note the use of recycled material in the wicks.

  Acording to the Rg 34 manual, for to pass a Reinigungsgdocht with the cleaning chain throught a 7,9 mm barrel, it was needed a force of between 12 and 16 Kg. Also, the manual indicates that every kit came initialy with 4 Reinigungsgdochte, and the necessary extra cleaning strings were to be suplied trought the Zeugamt or equipment bureau.
  The small compartment of the Rg34 was used for to store the Reinigungsdochte, although sometimes was used for to store weapons grease, rags,...

A small compartment full of partially used Reinigungsdochte - causing rust ! -.

A small compartment with plenty of weapons grease.

Some cleaning wicks with a brush. Sometimes small rags are present also.

 All the original Reinigungsdochte observed are of very similar manufacture with the only change of the color tone of the wicks, ranging from dark grey to nearly white.
Several Reinigungsdocht with different dark color tone.
Three Reinigungsdochte of a lighter color, almost white in the middle.

The stitching at the middle of two Reinigungsdochte, very possibly of mid or late war manufacture.
Two Reinigungsdochte found in a late war commercial kit from G. Appel.

A closeup of the stitching of the two Reinigungsdochte shown before. Don't seem of late manufacture.

Two Reinigungsdochte from a very late war "C N X" kit.