This website is dedicated exclusively to providing and collecting information about the cleaning kits used by the Germans in the Second World War from the point of view of a simple collector.

This blog has no sympathy or support to the Nazi regime that devastated Europe on the 40's. Also personally, when I see one of these kits manufactured on the war years, I think of the possibility that maybe it was made by a foreign forced worker under harsh conditions.

Late war "C N X" kits

  All indications point that the "C N X" marked kits were assembled by G Appel in 1945, using cases supplied by the Mundlos company and appears that also from the Hawig firm. All the "C N X" cases observed have the reinforcing lateral rib, normally found only before on Mundlos and Hawig kits, and in many of them finds also the Waffenamt WaA20. The Mundlos factory was destroyed by an air attack at January 1945, ceased to producing the Rg 34 (no "ab 45" kit has surfaced until today) and most likely that passed the finished leftover boxes to G. Appel to complete. Respect to the use also of Hawig cases more research is needed.
  With regard to the use of the productor code in capital letters instead of lowercase, this change do not appears to be a late war code change because only was used on these different kits and maybe was a way to differentiate these kits from the normal production or were assembled in another production facility. Also, more research is needed.
  Respect to the parts of the kit, all kits observed have typical late war contents like phenolic oilers and also simplified steel chains. 

Two "C N X" kits: with WaA20 (above)  and without Waffenamt (down).

The inner of the kit from up on the previous picture. The tool is missing.

The inner of the kit from down on the top picture.
The inner of another "C N X" kit.

Contents of the "C N X" kit shown before. All parts shows signs of late war manufacture.
"C N X" case at left and "ab 44" at right.

A "C N X" (left) and "ab 44" (right) comparison. Note the same manufacture detail (metal sheet placed upside down ?).

"C N X" kit, also marked with Waffenamt WaA20. On this kit the case seems to be made by Hawig.
Comparision of the "C N X" shown before (behind) and a "cmr 44" kit (in front) . Note the similarities.

Four "C N X" kits, three dark green and one at right grey.

Two "C N X" kits of the previous picture, note that the kit at left has the body painted dark green and the lids are of grey colour.

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