This website is dedicated exclusively to providing and collecting information about the cleaning kits used by the Germans in the Second World War from the point of view of a simple collector.

This blog has no sympathy or support to the Nazi regime that devastated Europe on the 40's. Also personally, when I see one of these kits manufactured on the war years, I think of the possibility that maybe it was made by a foreign forced worker under harsh conditions.

Post war kits

Some post war examples of Rg 34 kits.

  Although this site is basically dedicated to the Rg 34 manufactured until 1945, it is necessary to mention the kits manufactured after the war as they sometimes can be confused with those made before. Also it is important to know the typical parts of the post war kits, that sometimes are find mixed in original kits.

  Note that here only will appear a few pieces and may exist another variations.

- I will try to add more examples in the future ! -


1. A complete post war unmarked kit. It has lateral reinforcement grooves, like some original kits from 1939-42. Note the green paint tone.

2. Another post war unmarked kit, no takedown tool. It has no reinforcing grooves. Note the dark green paint tone also.

Cleaning chains:

Some post war cleaning chains (all covers from Aluminium):
a. With rotating head, 65 links and no markings.
b. Non-rotating head model, 60 links.
c. Non-rotating head model (blued ?), 60 links with little graspings dots on the aluminium covers.
d. Non-rotating head model, 60 links, the aluminium covers are slightly longer.

Two standar chains with aluminium covers, wartime manufactured (below) and post-war (on top). On the post-war chain, the "S" links are rotated 90º degrees at one extreme. This characteristic is seen on many post war chains

Original chain on top and a post war one on bottom. The differences are evident.


Some "good" collector upgraded this post war chain by adding an eagle.

A simplified post war chain, sometimes offered in the market like a very late chain.


Another post war chain, on which has been used an original rotating head made by G. Appel (marked with code "64" and WaA20).


Several oilers manufactured ​​after the war, all with plastic washers. Not found any mark on their pieces !


All points that this phenolic oiler was manufactured after the war, unknown manufacturer. It has a leather washer. Note the logo and the correlative parts number.


A "repro" takedown tool. It is Waffenamt WaA815 marked but It has been observed also with the WaA4 stamped !.


Three flat tool examples found on post war kits.


One of the tools shown before compared with an original late war tool from G. Appel (on bottom). Note that are almost equal.

The late war G. Appel made tool (in front) is flatter.

Four flat tools at left and four with wrapped handle and flat tip at right. All presumably are post war.
Note that some of them show old patina.  All come from the same source !
Also, lately have appeared in the market some complete kits with these type of tools inside, so be careful !

A picture of ten flat tools for sale from a well known auction web page. Presumably are from post war manufacture.

A lot of flat type tools, presumably from late war manufacture. gmm code marked.
I am the opinion that are from post war manufacture.

A close-up of the markings, note the separation between the letters g and mm.

Post war oilers and takedown tools sold together. Note that the pin is soldered to the tool body. The seller offer this items like replacement pieces and not like original items, no doubt an honest man.


Several examples of cleaning and oiling brush found into post war kits. All are made with natural bristles and have not the wire end soldered.
A pair of unused brushes, easily found today.

The 8mm (up) and the 9mm version (down).


Some post war Reinigungsdochte. All have 16 strings and are not sewn in the middle.

Several packages of post war Reinigungsdochte from the DDR. Every packet is marked with an "R".

The DDR Reinigungsdochte have 9 wicks and are not stitched. Note the use also of recycled material.


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