This website is dedicated exclusively to providing and collecting information about the cleaning kits used by the Germans in the Second World War from the point of view of a simple collector.

This blog has no sympathy or support to the Nazi regime that devastated Europe on the 40's. Also personally, when I see one of these kits manufactured on the war years, I think of the possibility that maybe it was made by a foreign forced worker under harsh conditions.

Monday, 30 January 2017

The book project (II)

  It has been some time since my last entry in the Rg34 book project, so it is imperative to move on. Unfortunately, the book project moves slower than I would like, but certainly forward. I think it's worth carefully research all available information and try to do a good job.

  Since my last entry here requesting information about G. Appel early kits, interesting information has been obtained about the commercial kits of G. Appel, early and doppel marked, some patents, "cnx" late war kits,... although some gaps still exist.

  Thanks to all the collectors who have sent me information, photos and comments about them !

  Now, with respect to the G. Appel kits, I'm researching information about the Rg 34 für Kal. 5,4, the small bore version of the kit. So any info, photos, comments about it are welcome, especially about:
  • Years of manufacture.
  • Early "butterfly" style small bore chains.
  • "cnx" marked chains and cases.
  • Different manufacturers of the kit ?
  Thanks in advance !